More than friends? Luis Miguel y Manterola, former Garibaldi reveals

More than friends? Luis Miguel y Manterola, former Garibaldi reveals | Instagram

After the own Paty manterola raise his voice against the use of his image in the series singerLuis Miguel, denying that there was a sentimental relationship between the two, is one of the “ex garibaldi”, who reveals all the details.

Charlie, the “ex garibaldi“Whoever was Paty Manterola’s partner in the group, reappeared at a celebration for Sergio Mayer, where he expressed his opinion on the alleged relationship between Luis Miguel and the former singer and dancer of one of the most popular groups in the 1980s.

Charlie, who remained very close to the actress, was questioned about the romance that Luis Miguel portrays: The Series, among the so-called “Sun of Mexico“and Paty Manterola,” Xavier Ortiz’s former partner, “a late member of the popular group. This was commented by Ingrid Coronado’s former spouse upon learning of Paty Manterola’s opinion regarding the unauthorized use of her image.

Ah cab … did Paty say it? Oh sweetheart my Paty, I did not know that I had it very guarded, I know that there was a good friendship but not that they were walking, if Paty said it how good, but I never saw them.

The former partner of Manterola and Ortíz, Charly López, would confirm that he never really learned that there was a relationship between the “star king” of music and his former partner, Paty Manterola, although there was a friendship, the businessman would point out.

There was no relationship, we did run into Luis Miguel at the airports, because he brought his private plane and we too, due to the pace of work.

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“I never noticed a relationship between them”

We got to get on his plane with him to talk before taking off, but I never saw that there was a relationship with Paty, he argued

The businessman even suggested that in the series that depicts the life of the interpreter of “It will be that you don’t love me”, the name of the girl he refers to is not said directly, he supposedly belonged to the group, so he even commented “it could be Pilar Montenegro, since they were the only two brunettes in Garibaldi “.

Among other issues, the former member sent a message to the artist of “Puerto Rican” origin to whom he offered to “train” him.

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“Could be better”

In the middle of the interview, the former Garibaldi, who says he is over 50 years old, has dedicated part of his time to staying in shape, saying that he could train the “divo from Mexico to” look much better, “he said.

The only thing I would tell him is to take care of himself, to go on a diet, to be chin … I see Ricky Martin Chayanne, all of them whole, Luis Miguel put him to exercise, if not I train you carnal , I would make him happy with life, he pointed out.

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The businessman stressed that he did not intend to offend or judge Luis Miguel, today a music producer, with his offer:

I am not judging, but look at Mayer to Latin Lover, we are over 50 all, the truth is that we are dedicated to exercise and Luis Miguel has the face, voice and body for much longer,

The Mexican artist asks the “Sol de México” to take care of himself a little more

Just take care of himself a little more physically, I’m not saying he’s fat but he could be better. “He also reiterated, if he asks me to happily train him, I’ll make him great in two and a half months.

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Sergio Mayer’s also partner was questioned about the treatment of the relationship between LuisMi and Issabela Camil, current wife of the famous deputy, Sergio Mayer, before this; He stressed that this was his past and that now, Issabela, was living a wonderful stage next to the deputy, “whatever has happened before with whoever has happened, nothing happens,” he concluded.

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