More than forty days of searching for Anna and Olivia

The oceanographic vessel ‘Ángeles Alvariño’ has found this Thursday the lifeless body of Olivia, the six-year-old girl who disappeared more than forty days ago on the island of Tenerife along with her sister Anna, only one year old, and her father , Tomás Gimeno.

The body was found this afternoon by the ‘Ángeles Alvariño’ underwater tracking robot at a depth of 1,000 meters, about three miles off the coast of Santa Cruz. It was inside a sports bag tied to an anchor. Next to them was another bag also weighed down by the anchor, although empty. The fingerprint test confirmed this Friday that the body rescued at a depth of 1,000 meters is that of Olivia.

The disappearance of Anna and Olivia occurred on Tuesday, April 27. Tomás Gimeno picked up his daughters at five in the afternoon, just as he had agreed with Beatriz, the girls’ mother. Although he was supposed to deliver them at nine in the evening, he never did. From then on, a series of calls follow one another in which Gimeno warns Beatriz that she will never see them again. He also sends goodbye messages to his father and friends.

Beatriz and Tomás’s father report the events to the Civil Guard and on Wednesday afternoon a boat owned by Gimeno appears adrift and empty in front of the Puertito de Güímar. The next day, with the first light of day, a large search device is deployed and finds a baby car seat floating in the sea that belongs to Anna, the youngest of the girls.

A timeline of terror

The cameras of the Puerto Deportivo Marina Tenerife capture Tomás Gimeno on the day of the disappearance …

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