more than double digit growth in sales and EBITDA in 2021

Pangea Oncology is a medical services company focused on precision oncology, personalized medicine based on people’s genetics and whose objective is to improve the survival and quality of life of cancer patients. With two business areas clearly interrelated:

A healthcare division, based on the concept of personalized medicine (IOR, Dr. Rosell Oncology Institute), which currently manages medical oncology and other activities in 4 of the most relevant hospitals of the Quirónsalud Group in Catalonia.

A division of diagnostic and R&D services, both for its patients and for the pharmaceutical industry, from which the company provides diagnostic and in-vitro services to more than 15 multinational companies.

But the idea that we like to transmit beyond the obvious activities carried out by society is the idea that Pangea is not “only” a laboratory or a healthcare company, but that it carries out Premium services both in the way of treating the patient and in the way of providing service to the pharmaceutical industry With a vocation to be at the forefront of the technique and being a constant generator of ideas for both the patient and the industry.

In the world of the pharmaceutical industry, drugs are no longer being developed so much from the perspective of developing a drug for a specific cancer, but from the perspective of developing a drug specifically targeting genetic or biomarker alterations. This is how they differ from the standard of care (chemotherapy, …). Drugs, most of them oral, with low levels of toxicity, very selective from the point of view of a specific genetic alteration within a tumor type and that therefore allow to have within that subgroup of patients, very high responses and survival and low toxicity. This is the great paradigm shift in the development of the pharmaceutical world, not only in cancer, but in other therapeutic areas, since the human genome was decoded, approximately 25 years ago.

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Pangea Oncology, beyond the services it offers, the reason why it is not a commodity is that our employees, doctors or molecular biologists, focus on understanding these molecular alterations, what are the new biomarkers, to treat patients with highly personalized way in the consultations or providing services to the large pharma, giving support and guidance to their R&D teams to find the high responders to the drugs. Therefore, the Pangea laboratory is not a “to use” laboratory that simply does COVID or sequencing the day-to-day of patients, which it also does, but the most remarkable thing about Pangea is that it generates ideas for stratification of patients and search for target populations.

Precisely, in relation to COVID, we have managed 4 initiatives (16% of sales to companies in 2020 were COVID tests):

PCR, Rapid test, Antigen test, …

We have signed a clinical trial with In3Bio for COVID, and performed preclinical services for PharmaMar on Aplidine).

We try to generate service contracts with pharma advising them, based on the knowledge that we have begun to acquire in the world of COVID.

We have had COVID impact in the clinic, when the waves of pandemic have come, much less surgical or private medicine activity has been done.

On the other hand, our positioning in liquid biopsy (incipient technology with high growth potential in oncology) continues to attract the interest of different actors in the sector, both public and private, although it is still a project in the take-off phase and therefore does not represent the true potential volume of this technology. Entering into the consideration of Liquid Biopsy: we have developed a proprietary technology and we compete with other companies that are developing it in the world. The market is huge, a still embryonic market, which has not exploded. Currently less than 3% of oncologists use liquid biopsy in their clinical practice. Liquid Biopsy allows us to monitor patients in a faster and more exhaustive way without having to perform interventions or serial biopsies. The Liquid Biopsy also allows me to predict, something very important, in certain specific biomarkers we are able to predict the evolution of the patient before even seeing its evolution in the image (radiology). And finally, the liquid biopsy is an ideal instrument for monitoring series of patients (that is, to monitor by means of simple blood extractions if genetic resistance alterations arise that are indicators of poor evolution or prognosis).

To accelerate the development of our model and care service for the benefit of all patients, from Pangea we are attentive to all the financing channels that are presented. In fact, the company is currently awaiting confirmation of the granting of a CDTI loan.

In any case, Pangea growth forecasts for 2021 are promising and we anticipate more than double-digit growth in both sales and EBITDA of its recurring business without taking into account possible additions to the company’s consolidation perimeter, along with growth in patients treated, clinical trials and new contracts with pharmaceutical industry.

With respect to potential of the company in the stock marketIt should be noted that from society our focus in the short and medium term is to materialize this growth so that the market can reflect the value that can be expected from a company like ours. We are taking the necessary steps to lay the foundations for sustained and continuous growth.

In addition, Pangea has the support of relevant institutional investors. It is true that Grupo Pikolín has occasionally reduced its participation, but it has done so to bring in new shareholders and allow the diversification of the reference shareholders. The “strategic” reduction of the Solans family’s stake has been accompanied by the granting of a credit line of up to 6 million euros, which is mandatorily convertible into Pangea shares before the end of the year, of which Pangea has already disposed of. more than 5 million with the aim of carrying out different operations to increase their positioning. Once this exchange is carried out at the end of the year, the Solans family will hold a stake of more than 20% of the capital, so the current exit is temporary, in conclusion this operation has allowed us to reinforce our ability to grow with the support of our investors.

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