The Cetelem Observatory indicates that 36% would be meditating on it

49% believe that the subsidies are still insufficient and 15% are undecided

36% of Spaniards plan to buy a new ecological car thanks to financial aid from the Moves 2020 Plan, which provides subsidies of up to 6,500 euros for the purchase of electric cars. The latest report from the Cetelem Observatory reveals it.

The Moves II Plan is endowed with 100 million euros. It includes aid of 2,600 euros for vehicles with an electric autonomy of between 30 and 90 kilometers, and 6,500 euros in the case of autonomy greater than 90 kilometers. In practice, plug-in hybrids fall in the first group and electric ones in the second.

These studs include scrapping a car over seven years old. If not, the aid remains at 1,900 euros for plug-in hybrids and 4,000 euros for fully electric ones. In both cases, the price of the vehicle must not exceed 45,000 euros.

With these data in mind, 36% of Spaniards consider buying an efficient new car, as revealed by the latest Cetelem Observatory. 49% answered that they did not contemplate this possibility despite the aid and the remaining 15% declared themselves undecided in this regard.

Those most likely to acquire an efficient vehicle are people between the ages of 30 and 34, who respond affirmatively in 53% of cases. The most reticent are those over 60, who are reluctant in 77% of cases.

The Observatory data has been obtained through an online survey carried out by Invesmarket to 1,000 people from the national territory over 18 years of age. The margin of error of the same is 3.16%.

The same report indicates that 6% of Spaniards have had to face unforeseen expenses of more than 1,000 euros during the lack of confidence. 30% of the population has spent less than 300 euros on purchases; 33%, between 300 and 500 euros; 24%, between 500 and 1,000 euros; 13%, more than 1,000 euros.

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