ABN Amro’s campaign, The Dark Side of Money, was created by the N = 5 agency for the Netherlands

According to the organization, money laundering moved more than 16 billion euros in the country in 2019 alone

It also has secondary effects on society ranging from drug trafficking to human trafficking and terrorism.

There are several ways in which a brand can interact with its audience and maintain the level of engagement throughout the campaign. Interactive content on social networks proved to be ideal tools for this type of project. Videogames, increasingly popular among consumers and brands, are also slowly positioning themselves as a great alternative. But sometimes, all it takes is a good narrative and a great spot.

Such is the case of the new campaign of the ABN Amro organization. This Netherlands institution is looking for people to join its ranks. For that, he decided to produce a great 11-minute short film, where people can follow various events where multiple illegal activities are seen. The ultimate goal is not only to educate consumers about a very common type of crime. He also wants to test his abilities to detect it.

The campaign focuses on money laundering and its effects on the country’s financial system. Their main goal, then, is to find new financial crime analysts who can strengthen the ranks of ABN Amro. Thus, throughout the short film, a series of suspicious signs and details are displayed that are also the most common indicators of money laundering. In theory, only the most experienced experts could detect them all.

An excellent campaign for another level of interaction

It is increasingly evident that brands are very interested in their audience having an active participation and development in more than one campaign. For example, for Pride Month, Skittles only gave people the tools to send letters of appreciation to members of the LGBT + community. AMC Networks is putting QR codes to connect during its programs. And Animal Crossing is exploiting as a marketing tool.

Related Notes

In this sense, ABN Amro’s campaign is one more step in this interesting direction. The campaign is perhaps not as technologically refined as the other examples that have been given. But it certainly fulfills its main objective, which is to enable a dynamic between companies and audience during the spot. It also serves as a first filter for your ultimate goal, which as stated above is to find new financial crime analysts.

There is much that brands could learn about this campaign for the future. First, that active and intentional interaction with the audience tends to give better results, both in impact of the message and in the effectiveness rate of the strategy. But perhaps more crucial, is that it doesn’t take much to establish this communication bridge. With a simple short film and an explicit challenge, people can establish this connection organically.

Keys to a successful connection between brands and audience

Along with this campaign, there are other examples of interactive techniques that allow the brand and the audience to connect on a deeper level. For example, in Brazil Burger King is on a mission to reward people who stay in their quarantined homes. Just like BETC Paris hid several references to Netflix shows in a 2019 spot. And KFC created a video game with Colonel Sanders just to promote its business to gamers.

What other interaction strategies can brands use in an advertising campaign? According to SearchForce, ads on mobile platforms provide not only a channel, but also the right tools for users to be dynamic with brands. According to The Manifest, Virtual / Augmented Reality is also an excellent alternative. And in Forbes data, they can also be supported by resources such as social networks and influencers.