more than 90% of workers would opt for a lower salary but that includes benefits Chile News

According to a survey conducted by in which more than 1,000 people participated, in which the most relevant aspects for workers in their respective jobs were surveyed, It was asked if when choosing a job they preferred one with a high salary, above the average for the position, or if they favored one with a salary according to the market, but with benefits. 91.4% indicated that they would opt for this last option, while only 8.6% would choose the one that offers a high salary (higher than the market average).

Rodrigo Gorostiza, Marketing and Customer Experience Manager at, said “This overwhelming result is a tangible sign that the workers expect that the remuneration for their work is considered not only in monetary terms, but also thinking about other types of benefits, such as flexible hours, health benefits, and training ”.

Added that “The emotional salary is related to the non-economic rewards that a worker receives in his job. This concept is very relevant especially in the circumstances in which we find ourselves today, where the challenges of the pandemic have brought with them new ways of working ”.

Also, among the main aspects to be happy in a job, respondents rate as « very important » growth possibilities (70.3%), work environment (68.7%), access to training (61%), effective leadership (58.8%), salary (50.4%) and hours (40 , 9%).

Regarding their current job, 49.7% say that they like their job, while 33.9% say the opposite and the remaining 16.4% are indifferent.

Although half are satisfied with their work, 89.4% of those surveyed indicated that they are still looking for a new job. This implies that, despite the importance that the pandemic has given to job stability, workers are open to looking for new options. This could also be related to another question in the survey, since when asking if “Does your work constantly challenge you to improve or do you feel that you are in a routine?” 62% indicated that they felt in a routine.