more than 70GB on PS4

A leak of the game materials in stores offers details on this generation’s version.

Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 continues on its way to stores, and the next is coming December 10. The truth is that, from what is seen on the networks and in the comments about the game, there is not much confidence on this date, after it was delayed when the game was already Gold. Although it seems that promotional materials end of the title begin to reach stores. Via Reddit, a seller has posted images of the game materials for shops, which show very interesting details about its version by PS4.

Before launches, as a general rule, businesses receive materials such as covers of the games for exhibition, among other things. And with it, the PS4 covers shown in said publication (shared by TwistedVoxel) detail the game size in its version of the last generation. Specifically, and based on this leak, the game would occupy at least 70GB release, excluding the Day 1 patch and subsequent updates.

The physical installation would require two disks, according to this filtrationA considerable sizeAlthough it pales when compared to the ones in our article on the heaviest games on PC. In this, the author of the publication adds that the game I would bring two discs in the box, given its size. And, as already known, the boxes indicate that the physical edition will include a compendium of the game world, along with extras such as a map, stickers, postcards and digital content, some of these materials that we already saw along with the leak of the game map a few months ago.

We remind you that November 19On the game’s previous release date, there will be a new Night City Wire starring Keanu Reeves’ character, as well as the game’s soundtrack. In fact, these days we have known a small preview of her through the new song Run the Jewels. But if what you are looking for is a great preview of what you will find in the adventure in a month, in our impressions of Cyberpunk 2077 we tell you what it feels like to spend 4 hours in Night City.

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