The Guanajuato Health Secretary, the doctor Daniel Díaz Martínez, appeared in a video of the dependency confirming the first death from coronavirus registered in the entity. This after On April 5, the federal Ministry of Health (SSa) reported that Mexico had passed the 2,000 confirmed cases and the 90 deaths because of the virus.

According to the secretary, the deceased were 64 and 68 years old. Both originally from the Guanajuato municipality of Salamanca and entered the Regional Petroleum Hospital of Mexico (Pemex) from the locality with symptoms of respiratory disease.

He stressed that the now deceased Together they made a trip to Chiapas “with a group of people between March 16 and 24.” At the moment, the authorities are investigating whether these people became infected during this journey, since Three other of his companions are also hospitalized.

Also, all the other people who participated in the trip are in compulsory isolation and will be tested for the disease, as part of the coordination that the health authorities have had with the Pemex hospital.

Díaz Martínez, announced that communication has been established with the municipal president of Salamanca, María Beatríz Hernández Cruz, who was asked to reinforce the measures Sana Distancia and stay at home.

The official stressed the importance of maintaining social distanceBecause these measures “have the sole purpose of taking care of the health of everyone, especially the elderly and vulnerable groups.”

Exhorted to call the numbers 800 0044 800 and 800 2272 583 in case of any doubt.

So far, the SSa of Guanajuato has reported 58 confirmed cases of coronavirus, of which, one was for community broadcast. On the other hand, it has been ruled out that 909 people have the disease and the possible contagion of another 107 is investigated. Too 17 patients with COVID-19 have recovered and now, the first death in the state joins these figures.

The municipalities that have confirmed cases are Abasolo (1), SMA (2), Celaya (4), Cortazar (1), Guanajuato (4), Irapuato (8), León (30), Salamanca (5), Silao (1), San Luis de la Paz (1) and Santiago Valley (1). But, the recovered people have managed to end the disease in León (16) and Irapuato (1).

Mexico accumulates 2,143 cases of COVID-19 and 94 deaths, an increase of 15 more people killed in the last 24 hours, according to the official technical report of the epidemic presented this April 5 by the health authorities.

“In Mexico, we have accumulated 2,143 cases since the start of the epidemic on February 27 and unfortunately we have 94 people who have lost their lives,” Hugo López-, Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, told a press conference. Gatell Ramírez.

According to EFE, the number of cases accumulated since the first contagion occurred on February 27 represents 253 more compared to the 1,890 the previous day, an increase rate of around 13% that has remained almost constant in recent days.

At the press conference, López-Gatell stressed that lThe deceased were older adults or had risk factors such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and chronic lung diseases.