More than 60 people denounced for attending a funeral en masse

The restraining measures on the occasion of the coronavirus pandemic are still valid throughout Spain, although vary according to the Autonomous Community. In Andalusia, the authorities allow a total of 50 people to attend funerals, when they are open air events, and 25, half, when it is in an enclosed space.

This regulation does not seem to have penetrated very well in the Granada capital, where up to 63 people have been arrested for going en masse to a funeral in the San José de Granada cemetery. Some 100 individuals attended the funeral, which set off alarms among other attendees who They did not hesitate to call the National Police to resolve the mass meeting.

Officers reduced attendance at burial

The event took place on 5:30 p.m. last Friday, November 20. The police officers traveled to the scene to reduce the concentration of people until they allowed a total of 50 individuals, those established by law.

14 individuals had bypassed the perimeter confinement

As they have told the newspaper Ideal from Granada eyewitnesses to the events, some of the participants in the mass burial began to flee when they witnessed the arrival of the police authorities. Despite the attempt to escape, 63 people ended up being denounced by the National Police for not obeying the regulations established to avoid new infections by coronavirus. Of the 63 individuals sanctioned, 14 were punished by the agents for having bypassed the perimeter confinement that prevents them from leaving their respective locations.

After the police intervention was over, the funeral was able to go ahead with congregated groups of no more than six people outside the San José municipal cemetery. Those people who finally could not attend the funeral stayed at the gates of the cemetery in small groups of six individuals.