More than 500 premieres were postponed in cinemas in Latin America | Instagram

The film industry It has been seen totally affected by the virus, because it has hundreds of premieres postponed in theaters as theaters almost completely closed in Latin America.

To this day, 599 movies They have changed the date of its release in theaters in Latin America, as the world has been paralyzed by the spread of the virus.

All industries, including cinematography, have been considerably affected thus.

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Studios and distributors had to see each other forced to postpone all their releasesIt was almost impossible to do it.

These are some of the many films that were affected with its release:

No Time To Die

This being the last movie starring Daniel Craig as Agent 007. It was the first to postpone, since it originally had to be released on April 10, but had to be postponed until the month of November.

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Operation Shrimp

A comedy starring Julián López, which was scheduled to premiere on March 13 and just one week after its release they decided to postpone it until 11 of September.

Peter Rabbit 2: On the Run

The Sony company decided to delay its release, as it was to be released on April 3, but now it will be released possibly until July 31st.

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Fast and Furious 9

Unfortunately this movie we will not be able to see it this year, because Universal decided to postpone its release one year, so we can see it until 2021.


This long-awaited film was delayed at the last moment, as it was planned to be released on March 27, but they decided postpone it indefinitely.

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These are only some of the 599 films that unfortunately could not reach their theatrical release and there is no doubt that strange people go to the cinemas, enjoy a good movie and popcorn, so hopefully that can come back to that soon.