More than 3 million people followed the first Nintendo Direct of 2021

The expectation was through the roof and the Nintendo Direct February 17 did not disappoint. At least in terms of viewers. We could discuss much more about the content.

According to the esports insider Rod Breslau, Nintendo agglutinated during the broadcast of its event more than 3 million viewers, if we add all the platforms and all the regional channels. The event could be followed in several languages. For example, in the Nintendo Spain channels, the video was subtitled in our language.

The long-awaited Nintendo event was broadcast on all three major streaming platforms – YouTube, Twitch and Facebook. Breslau says that two million viewers followed the event on the Google platform and that 1.2 million more join from Twitch.

What is not clear is when he talks about Facebook. It claims that no one saw the Nintendo Direct on this platform, but you just need to take a look at the Spanish channel to see that his statement is not true. So it is quite likely that the final figure is much higher.

The most popular moments were the first minutes with the introduction of new characters for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Also closely followed by the new installment of Mario Golf and the Switch remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Although there were many people satisfied with what was shown, many fans expected more from a Direct that had been absent for many months. Being so close the The Legend of Zelda anniversary, Nintendo came close to trolling us.

The great Eiji Aonuma, currently the head of the franchise, solemnly appeared on the scene and the alerts began to sound. However, the prevailing expectation was soon charged by stating that the sequel to Breath of the Wild is on the right track but that we were not going to see anything about it.

In the end, we had to be content with the HD remaster of one of the Wii installments and little else. We will have to wait to know the anniversary acts of Zelda, surely when those of Mario finish.