More than 200,000 people lined up at the online store to buy a PS5

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The PlayStation 5 debuted a week ago, on November 12, in Mexico and other regions. The system finally reached the rest of the world today and it did so in high demand in certain markets. One of the regions that received it just today is the United Kingdom, one of the main markets for the PlayStation brand and, as expected, there was incredible demand to such a degree that several online sites had problems.

As we informed you several days before the release of the PlayStation 5, Sony had confirmed that the console would not be available in physical stores on launch day in almost no stores, so the only option for many buyers was to reserve it or buy it online, and definitely the latter had a bad time, since there were long virtual lines to get a console.

Due to these measures, several stores in the United Kingdom released the consoles for sale at the beginning of November 19 and it was quickly filled with users who wanted to buy it. According to information from the Video Games Chronicle, the Tesco and John Lewis online stores went down as soon as the PlayStation 5 was available.

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More than 200,000 people wanted to get a PlayStation 5 from a store

Other stores such as GAME and Curry’s chose to implement a waiting system with which consumers were dispatched in order as requested by their console. The most scandalous case was that of Curry’s, as there was a virtual queue of more than 200,000 people trying at the same time to get a PlayStation 5, as noted by Twitter user ccjip93. To make matters worse, it became known that purchases could be made before the stipulated date, prompting the company to delay and then cancel orders, and announced that “there will be no PS5 to buy today.”

John Lewis mentioned that he received a large number of consoles, but the demand was simply higher and they sold out instantly. The situation is not very good for many players who pre-ordered either, as stores like GAME and Argos will have delays in their deliveries, so players will have to wait a little longer to receive their new system.

Fortunately for users in this region, Sony informed several chains that it will ship more units that will be available next week.

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The PlaySation 5 is now available worldwide. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page. Below we leave you a trailer with which Sony celebrated the launch of the console around the world. Within these countries is Mexico, which lit up the Torre Lationamericana with details from PlayStation.

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