More than 20 million pesos were invested to try to kill Harfuch


One year after an attempt on his life, Omar García Harfuch, Secretary of Citizen Security of Mexico City, is determined to fight crime in the capital of the country.

On the morning of June 26, 2020, García Harfuch and his discreet security group went to the old City Hall to participate in the daily meeting of the security cabinet, with the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum.

At the corner of Paseo de la Reforma and Avenida Monte Blanco, a van of redilas cut him off and began more than two minutes of intense shooting by the hitmen, who had been hired in various states of the country to attack the head of the capital police.

During the attack, and due to the power of the attackers’ firearms, the armor of the truck that was transporting Omar García began to give way. He was shot three times and several shards embedded in his body.

Despite being injured, the security secretary himself defended himself with his charge weapon and coordinated the medical assistance of his injured colleagues by radio. Two of his closest collaborators lost their lives at the scene.

On the day of the attack, it was learned that the aggressor group was carrying at least five Barret rifles, caliber 50; a grenade launcher; seven fragmentation grenades; 35 long guns; eight pistols; 96 magazines with more than 2,800 rounds and 51 Molotov cocktails; plus a radio signal jammer.

According to some investigations, it is known that the group that tried to kill him invested just over 20 million pesos in this attack.

Elements of the capital’s own police took just 45 seconds to reach the scene of the attack and managed to capture several of the attackers who tried to go unnoticed.

Intelligence investigations identified José Antonio Briseño, alias “El Vaca” as the one who coordinated this attack and would be the head of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel in the area of ​​Tonalá, Jalisco.

Omar Garcia Harfuch He has declared that this attack does not bend him in his determination to seek peace and security for the inhabitants of Mexico City.


The capital of the country has a population of more than 9 million inhabitants to which 2.5 million citizens are added every day who work, transit or carry out any activity.

Large numbers of people pose a security challenge. Despite this scenario, in 2020, the administration headed by Claudia Sheinbaum achieved a reduction in various crimes, including intentional homicide with a 27% drop.

According to the National Survey of Urban Public Safety of Inegi up to 35% of the population in some regions of the capital think that they may be the victim of some crime; a figure that contrasts with 90% of the same figure in the past administration.

For its part, the Citizen Council for Security and Justice reported that high-impact crimes fell by 48% compared to 2019.

García Harfuch has a lot to do with that decrease. Since he started as the capital’s security secretary, he started a program to purge the police; created the Investigation Unit; launched a constant training program and installed a zero tolerance policy for corruption.

At the recent graduation ceremony of the 277th generation from the Police University, Claudia Sheinbaum highlighted the good work on security in the CDMX.

As head of government, I am proud that in two and a half years we have achieved with the police and city policies, the reduction of high-impact crimes by about 50%. In 2019 we reached the beginning of the month with more than five homicides a day, today we have less than three homicides a day ”.

At the same event, Omar García Harfuch gave a message to the recently graduated cadets, which reflects his convictions as a person and as a public servant.

Do not give up in the face of adversity and the misunderstanding even of your own loved ones, to give everything for our Mexico, this is the right cause and it is for which an absolute surrender is worth it ”.

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