More than 100 arrested in London at a protest against the new British law on demonstrations

More than 100 people were arrested on Saturday in London in protests related to a bill that aims to give more powers to the UK Police to manage the demonstrations, Scotland Yard reported this Sunday.

According to the source, 107 people were arrested due to disorders, aggression against the forces of order and violating the current restrictions to contain the spread of covid-19.

These protests have been carried out in recent weekends in various British cities, which in general have passed peacefully, according to the Police.

Scotland Yard has indicated that the majority of those who participated in the demonstration on Saturday respected the measures of social distance and left the city center peacefully.

Commander Ade Adelekan, from the police force, said that on Saturday afternoon it became clear that “a small number of people had the intention of staying to cause disruption.”

“Despite the agents’ continuous instructions to leave, they did not, and amid growing levels of disorder, arrests were made, “Adelekan added.

These concentrations are carried out to condemn the so-called draft law of Police, Crime, Sentences and Courts which is currently being processed by the British Parliament, which, among other things, intends to give more powers to the forces of order to manage the demonstrations.