More than $ 1 million has been raised to support families affected by the building collapse in Florida

Among the donations, the Global Empowerment Mission, in association with the BStrong initiative, has already delivered $ 1,500 Visa gift cards to 17 families.

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After the terrible tragedy in Surfside, Florida, where a building collapsed, a fundraising campaign was launched to support affected families. As of this Monday night, more than $ 1.1 million had been raised from the Chesed fund, which will be administered by the Shul of Bal Harbor Synagogue.

It should be noted that other Florida organizations such as the Miami Heat and Global Empowerment Mission have also started donation raising funds.

As you may recall, a portion of the Champlain Towers South building in Surfside, Florida collapsed on Thursday of last week. So far, at least 11 people have been confirmed dead and 150 more are listed as missing. Search and rescue teams are working hard to find survivors from the rubble.

The money raised through donations will be used for medical needs that insurance will not cover the injured, in addition to being given to the families of the deceased.

Miami’s nonprofit Global Empowerment Mission will collect aid for victims, although the initiative is typically dedicated to supporting international disasters.

Global Empowerment Mission, in partnership with the BStrong initiative, has already delivered $ 1,500 Visa gift cards to 17 families.

On the other hand, the organization Gummakonda Foundation, of Hallandale, Florida, said that it is helping the relatives of the victims who are in other countries to travel to the site to meet their loved ones or keep an eye on the news of the victims. missing. Specifically, the organization is helping them with reservations in hotels.

The problem is that many of the relatives are foreigners who do not speak English and do not know how to make a hotel reservation in another language, and the overwhelming tragedy does not allow them to deal with this process.

The people who are still missing are from more than a dozen countries and authorities have taken DNA samples from family members to help identify them.

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