“More respect for your work”

Tania Llasera has wanted to value the work of Nelly, who, over time, has become “a fundamental pillar” inside her house thanks to her sympathy, her intelligence and her good work as a domestic worker and friend.

The presenter has shared, through a post on Instagram, some loving words dedicated to Nelly on the occasion of Mother’s Day, which will be celebrated this Sunday, May 2.

To show her affection, Llasera has given her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. “It is not my mother, but this bouquet is for her”, has written, pointing out that Nelly “is light and a permanent smile. A hard-working and very intelligent woman. ”

“She takes care of mine when I can’t. I trust her blindly, even more than myself. She is the woman who makes it easier for me to work outside the home. It allows me to be more myself, to be a better mother “, has added in the post.

“She is everything to my family and me. Although she has her own wonderful family, she has love for everyone. She has a name, this fantastic woman is called Nelly … “, they pray the last lines.

The model has included in her affectionate message a series of photographs in which she appears posing with her friend, and in which she also shows the beautiful gift she has wanted to give her. “We don’t know what we would do without you”, has settled.

In this sense, the presenter has also included a drawing of her children with Nelly. “Here are some drawings of our entire family, where Nelly appears in each drawing, all hanging in Pepe and Lucia’s room. She is fundamental in my house and will always be part of it.”

According to Llasera, “someone who cares for and loves your children is part of your family, even if it is not by blood. I am shocked by the boom in my post, and it is surprising that it praises the work of the woman who helps me with household chores and raising my children. It seems like a drawer to take care of those who care “.

“The more love our children have as they grow up, the better. No matter where it comes from: doormen, neighbors, teachers, or newsstands … long live neighborhood love and long live domestic workers. More respect for their work and more rights for them “, has sentenced.