More reinforcements arrive at EXATLON 5 USA: What we know

Telemundo Kelvin Renteria returns to Team Contendientes in the fifth season of Exatlon USA.

Recently, different theories began to emerge that are circulating on social networks about the possible arrival of more reinforcements to the fifth season of Exatlon United States.

This possible sum of athletes has generated all kinds of reactions among the fans, who assure that the competition is already in a very advanced stage, of a season that has been unusually long, which has led the athletes of both teams to reduce their used to performance, and at times to feel frustrated and discouraged, when they experience some defeat or difficult situation in the game show.

New Reinforcements at an advanced stage of the competition

The controversy flared after it became known through different portals for fans that new reinforcements will join Exatlon United States from week 22. The opinion of the many fans of the competition is that already at such an advanced stage, it would be “Unfair” to add new athletes who arrive fresh to the sands of the Dominican Republic, when there are others who have been fighting since last January, when the competition began.

Initially, different sources assured that there were four reinforcements, two for each team, men and women. But now “Keyla: The Queen of Spoilers”, an authority on everything related to Exatlon United States, indicated that this is not the case and that it would be two women who would be joining the competition, but there has not yet been a confirmation official by Telemundo or Exatlon United States regarding these possible new members.

Do not miss this video with more information about the new reinforcements that we will see arriving at Exatlon United States in week 22:


EXATLON UNITED STATES 5 INCREDIBLE !! ATHLETES ENTER EXATLON… MORE REINFORCEMENTS FOR BOTH TEAMS !!! Summary of chapter 124 of Exatlon USA # 5 # ExatlonEEUU5 #Exatlonestadosunidos #famosos #CONTENDIENTES Exatlón is a high performance sports competition where participants test their strength, intelligence and courage to become the outright winner. FROM MONDAY TO FRIDAY 7 / 6C ELIMINATION SUNDAYS by TELEMUNDO Famous: JACOBO GARCÍA, ERIC ALEJANDRO, FRANK BELTRE, MACK ROESCH, KARLOS… 2021-06-23T18: 36: 37Z

Powerful sums

We already know the power that the reinforcements have in Exatlon United States. In fact, we are living it above all with the Contestants, who received two sums that have been necessary and welcome to change the landscape. Wilmarie Negrón, who was seen for the first time on another Telemundo program, and Andoni García, a well-known and well-loved face in the sands of the Dominican Republic.

On this controversial sum in such a crucial stage of Exatlon United States, there is much that the followers have commented. “That is precisely what bothers fans of both reds and blues. That they bring new athletes to this stage of the competition that those who arrived on the first day lose to some athletes who arrive rested and take advantage of it. ” A viewer assures, indicating that new athletes have much better conditions than those who have been there since the beginning.

On the other hand, there are those who highlight an alleged injustice on the part of the competition’s production. Especially at the moment in which it would be taking place “I do not find it fair that at the end of the season there are athletes who come with all their energy and those who are struggling and tired from the first day so that the replacements are those who win They don’t deserve it, I don’t agree, it’s unfair and a mockery of those who are there from the beginning. “

We still do not know officially about this supposed new batch of reinforcements, but it remains to wait for the confirmation on Telemundo screens to know if in fact there are more athletes ready to join the ranks of Exatlon United States.

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