The Australian believes that the German still has the level to be one of the best

He believes that he must commit to the project for more than two years

Daniel Ricciardo believes that Sebastian Vettel should have more patience and a more open mind if he signs for a team from the middle zone. The Australian believes that the German can still compete at a high level and that he will find a seat by 2021.

Ricciardo thinks Vettel will be in a new situation for him if he doesn’t have a winning car. The German has enjoyed a clear superiority in his time with Red Bull and at Ferrari he has had competitive cars although not able to catch up with Mercedes.

For this reason, the Renault driver advises his former teammate at Red Bull to be more patient and open his mind.

“I think Seb, in his situation, has been fighting uphill throughout his entire career. Probably in all his years in Formula 1 he has been on the podium more or less, so if he goes to the middle zone it is unknown territory for he, “he told the official F1 website.

“I think it requires a more open mindset and certainly a little more patience. But clearly this is your decision based on where you see your next chapter in your sports career,” he added.

The rumors of Sebastian Vettel’s arrival at Aston Martin in 2021 sound louder and louder. Still, Ricciardo believes the four-time champion still has the ability to be one of the best.

The Australian believes that if Seb commits to a team in the middle zone it is to lay the foundations for a project in the medium-long term. Aston Martin is postulated in this regard as one of the most striking options.

“I think he still wants to drive and fight at the highest level and I think he should continue in the category 100%. If the option is to continue in the middle zone, then it is something in the long term.”

“So I think he will have to show that he’s committed to the project not just for one year, but for at least two or three. Let’s say that roughly. But that’s something only he can answer.”

In closing, Ricciardo admits that he admires Vettel and gives him one last tip: that he enjoy wherever he goes.

“As a former teammate of his, I obviously like Seb, and I respect him and if that is what he wants, I hope he continues in a place where he is happy,” Ricciardo said to finish.

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