more mature and with a lot of terror

Stranger Things 4 is one of the biggest unknowns in the entire repertoire of Netflix series. The continuation of the Hawkins plot still does not have a date on the table, although everything indicates that – if the coronavirus allows it -, the new installment will see the light throughout 2021. At least by the end of the year.

In any case, there are already some details that have transpired from Stranger Things 4. Everything indicates that the Duffer brothers’ series will have 9 chapters that will have the mission of solving the great doubts left by the third season. It is, in fact, a relatively long season compared to the previous two.

Among the pending accounts of Stranger Things 4, the return of Hooper, whom we could see in a Russian prison at the end of the last episode of the series issued. Same plot in which the only trailer issued for the fourth season is recreated. How did it end there? Most importantly, how will you return a Hawkings to more than safe danger? These are questions that must be answered yes or yes in the following chapters.

In addition, the different characters that make up the cast now they live in different places. Recall that Joyce (Winona Ryder) sells the family home and leaves with Will (Noah Schnapp), Jonathan (Charlie Heaton) and Eleven (Millie Bobbie Brown) from the cursed town. Hawkings is no longer the only key point in the Stranger Things universe, but that sure brings more perspective to the plot of the Upside Down world. One that will chase you wherever you go.

We also know that Eleven lost her powers in the last season to defeat the Demogorgon. One who has another brother circulating through the parallel universe willing to return to attack the group of young protagonists of Stranger Things. Will he be able to regain his supernatural abilities? How will they face the new threat that wants to destroy the world?

‘Stranger Things 4’, more terrible and adult

With Stranger Things, what has happened in many other series or movies that has teenagers as protagonists. Harry Potter would be one of the greatest examples. Its actors, and therefore characters, have grown. Some have done it along with the fans of the series. And the harmony between both worlds is maintained as a firm bond that Netflix, aware of the phenomenon, will not let it escape.

For this reason, what a few years ago was an adventure series starring a group of children, now it becomes more adult and with a more terror tone. Matching the new look of young people.

Gaten Matarazzo, actor who plays Dustin in Stranger Things, gave an interview to Entertainment Tonight in which he spoke precisely of this change of tone in the series. “It is the scariest compared to the previous ones,” he explained.

The fear in Stranger Things has already been defined near The Silence of the Lambs or Nightmare on Elm Street. And the adventure similar to Indiana Jones, although this is not clear how it will fit into the plot. However, maturity will be one of its protagonists:

“As we age as people, we have to age as characters. Face this problem [los hermanos Duffer]but they accept it and use it to their advantage. And they don’t get scared when we get taller or when we lower our voice or anything like that. They use it and use it as ammunition for their writing.

Gaten Matarazzo to Entertainment Tonight

As for the end of the series, which continues to evolve with its protagonists, it is still not clear either. Netflix already announced a long time ago that Stranger Things would have its limit in the 5 seasons. But life in Hawkins is still the “pretty girl” on the platform next to La Casa de Papel. If it works, and has good audience results, a continuation of the series is not ruled out.