More material from the villain Taskmaster in a new Black Widow spot

Capture of the final trailer of Black Widow (2020)

The promotion of the premiere of “Black Widow”, the next Marvel movie to hit theaters and on the Disney + streaming platform, leaves us a new TV Spot. Within all this material that is arriving we have that half-minute promo that, although it recycles a lot of material already seen, offers new scenes.

Less than two weeks before the premiere of the Marvel movie, these new images arrive that delve further into the villain Taskmaster. This existing character in the Marvel comics, in which he has been translated as Supervisor although in the film it seems that he will keep his name in English, has been a regular villain of multiple superheroes. Its main feature is ability to emulate the fighting skills of others. In fact, from the moment that images and material from the film have arrived, we could quickly see parallels between the villain and the movements of other heroes such as Black Panther, Hawkeye and Captain America.


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This video highlights Taskmaster’s abilities to imitate anyone he watches. Yelena Belova, played by Florence Pugh, mentions that Taskmaster controls the entire army of black widows, which we can also see in this promo and have seen in the past. This spot also shows that Taskmaster, as we knew, takes his copy skills from the use of technology, a change from the comics. In one of the shots, we see that Taskmaster has a display screen similar to that of Iron Man, which allows the character to follow the movements and receive an alert about the moment of the blow.

The film opens in theaters and on Disney + with premium access starting July 9.

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