More Madrid surprises even the party members by using this photo: do you know who he is?

The poster used by Más Madrid. (Photo: MÁS MADRID)

More Madrid has even surprised members of its own party with the photo that it has used in the last hours on social networks to campaign for the election.

In the image, in black and white, a young woman is seen in an athletics competition jumping a hurdle with the slogan: “Push like a girl. The flashy thing? That who appears in the image is the party’s candidate, Mónica García.

The anecdote has been made known by Eduardo Rubiño, senator of Más Madrid and Deputy of the Assembly, who has written on Twitter: “I had not realized it until they told me about it but the one in the photo is Mónica García.”

The truth is that García herself had uploaded the same image to Twitter a few months ago and another in which she appears doing a high jump.

The More Madrid candidate published those photos in response to the athlete Roberto Sotomayor, who stated: “I like @Monica_Garcia_G Of all the politicians in the opposition of the Madrid Assembly, it is the one who is really giving the call.”

“Well, I admire you. I am passionate about athletics. He was more of a sprinter-hurdler than a long distance runner, but giving the callus comes from so many years of series on tartan ”, replied García.

Vanitatis already pointed out in a recent article that Mónica García excelled in various disciplines, from javelin to heptathlon. Although it was in 100 meters hurdles where he won the most races.

Meanwhile, Vanity Fair pointed out that “now he likes to go running and participate in some races that usually have a good underlying cause.”


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