More Madrid puts PP and Cs in a commitment by asking them to veto the parental pin

Mónica García, from Más Madrid, on March 14. (Photo: LightRocket via Getty Images)

The candidate of Más Madrid in the Madrid regional elections on May 4, Mónica García, has put PP and Cs in a commitment this Monday. García has asked them by letter to commit to veto the parental pin in a pre-electoral agreement that he has also offered to the PSOE and to Podemos. More Madrid wants to “shield” the Community “against the ‘parental pin whatever happens on May 4”.

It has been a little over a year since the parental pin slipped into the life of the Spanish. The extreme right of Vox, which supports several autonomous governments of PP and Cs, managed to start the Murcian Executive of the popular Fernando López Miras a commitment to carry out a rule that allows parents to decide what extracurricular content their children receive.

Although the central government announced that it would appeal the law since Cs maneuvered so that it would not see the light, the far right persists in its idea of ​​implanting the happy pin. Moreover, the extreme right has taken over the Ministry of Education in Murcia after the failed motion of censure of oranges and socialists and is already preparing the ground to implement the measure.

More Madrid has made a move and is trying to compromise both Díaz Ayuso and Edmundo Bal

For this reason, and given the possibility that the 4M will throw a result that will drag the PP to govern with Vox or with ultra support, Más Madrid has moved a tab and tries to put both Díaz Ayuso and Edmundo Bal, the candidate, in a commitment of Cs, whose party has already said that it prefers to agree with the PP.

García’s proposal comes before his “enormous concern when seeing the first announcements made by the head of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Region of Murcia” given that the ‘parental pin’ “entails a setback in both education and rights and freedoms & rdqu …

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