more information about the battery

Just a few hours after the release of the first Windows 10 21H1 public beta, and we already have news about 21H2 «Sun Valley», the expected second update of Windows 10 this year and that, unlike the one that was released today and the second last year, 20H2, will not be a mere service pack, but will have multiple and interesting improvements to the that we have already been informing you in recent months.

The latest news in this regard is that, although it is not yet possible to confirm whether it will finally come from the hand of “Sun Valley”, Windows 10 will soon have a new section on battery information on laptops. And unlike what has existed so far, which is limited to being able to make adjustments in the operation of it, it will also collect and display information about the use we are making of it.

Specifically, and as we can see in the images published on Twitter by the popular and reliable Albacore filter, the new sections that would debut in “Sun Valley” will show information about the battery status, the pattern of use we make of it and, something very important, an assessment of the real state of health of the same. In addition, obviously, we can make adjustments in the configuration of the system aimed at maximizing not only the hours that we can use the laptop with a full charge, but also its useful life.

An important detail, yes, is that according to the filtration this new section It will only be displayed on laptops where the initial battery capacity is declared to the operating system. This is understandable, of course, because only if Windows has this information can it determine the current state of the battery compared to what it offered at the beginning of its useful life. Thus, when the first “Sun Valley” betas begin to arrive, it will be time to start testing systems to see if they are compatible with this feature.

A few years ago, the most common was that the battery in laptops was removable. Except in specific cases, such as Apple, replacing a battery was the simplest thing in the world. However, for some time now, this operation has been complicated because the batteries are no longer accessible from the outside. In other words, replacing a laptop battery is more complicated now than it was ten years ago, which is why it makes sense to improve your care. Thus, improvements like the one announced by Albacore for “Sun Valley” are undoubtedly great news.

Image: Albacore