more foreigners than Spaniards due to regulatory problems

From January 19 to 29, the first of all the Rising Series, the largest Spanish VALORANT competition, organized by LVP and which will be divided into several stops until the finals of the same tournament.

A series that opens the competitive year of VALORANT in 2021 in style, although with some controversy raised in social networks. The reason: 54% of the players competing in Rising Series # 1 are from the CIS region.

If we start to count, in Rising Series # 1 there will be a total of 80 players divided into 16 teams, and of these 80, 14 of them are Spanish. Specifically, the following:

Xeon, PoPiFresH, VARES and Jokes by Cream Real Betis

koldamenta by Don’t even ask

Fit1nho, jonba, donQ, Yurii and exerZ by Superstars

aut0, Gorlisupk, MANU1080, sisaNN and Sleydark by Prominence

That is to say, 17.5% of the players participating in the Rising Series are Spanish, while the rest are from other regions, either CIS or Europe. It is true that the competition had qualifiers open to any team, but the data is surprising.

Regulations imposed by Riot Games Europe

Apparently, and as several members of the staff of some teams comment, Riot Games International has imposed that a regulation could not be put on national players, making it impossible to see more Spaniards in the tournament. That is to say, that it is not necessary that there be a specific number of national players despite being a Spanish tournament.

The problem with this is that many Spanish fans do not know half of the competitors, and this can cause low audiences in some of the games.

See to Vodafone Giants, Cream Real Betis or UCAM It is always an attraction for the Spanish community, but seeing that more than 80% of the players are foreigners, it can lose hype.

Despite everything, the most important competition for the LVP in VALORANT will begin tomorrow and we will have to see how the Spanish players who are in it play and compete, as well as the national organizations that we have mentioned above.