More drug and alcohol controls for cyclists and scooter users



Updated on Monday, June 21, 2021 – 12:48

The Road Safety Prosecutor asks to tighten controls in the cities and go against the sale of VMP without homologation and that they are “authentic mopeds”.

A user of a scooter Mobility Scooters, off the sidewalks and at a maximum of 25 km / h Regulations The DGT opens the door to compulsory insurance for scooters

The special prosecutor for Road Safety, Bartolom Vargas, explained that the Prosecutor “has sent an instruction this morning to try to get users of personal mobility vehicles (VMP) to comply with the law.”

To do this, ask the local police and the prosecutors more alcohol and drug controls in cities for users of these vehicles that, in addition, “we are going to include as crimes of Articles 379 and following of the Penal Code“That is, the crimes that a motor vehicle driver commits when driving under the influence of psychotropics.

“It is necessary and good that citizens know that these controls are being carried out”, Vargas pointed out. And he recalled that “when the accident caused by the bicycle or the VMP occurs, a possible crime of involuntary manslaughter can be committed. can carry a sentence of 1 to 9 years in prison depending on the severity of the accident “

Vargas was resounding in explaining that “there are many bicycles and scooters, which are motor vehicles. It is good for sustainability but they are not complying with the regulations that generate uncertainty in the citizenry. There is no sustainability if road regulations are not respected. they skip traffic lights or someone riding a VMP on the sidewalk can run over someone, causing a disturbance in coexistence “.

Therefore, “we have sent an instruction to all urban police in the country to that they watch that inside the VMP there are mopeds that are not homologated like these last ones, and they are a fraud of law because they evade the circulation permit, “said Vargas.

The Special Prosecutor for Road Safety did not avoid talking about cyclists: “The police must supervise cyclists more rigorously, immobilization, removal and storage of their bicycle: it will not be necessary for them to wait for the offending offense to occur. “In this way, such vehicles can be requisitioned before a run over occurs.

Obligatory insurance

“There is a clear irresponsibility of cyclists and VMPs to go without insurance. They cause damage for which they cannot answer. Imagine a spinal cord injury, we are talking about an expense of 2 million that the victim pays. The District Attorney is going to take that into account in terms of penalties, “said Vargas.

Compulsory insurance will be studied for those VMP that are not approved and that are real mopeds. Ultimately, it is about promoting coverage for victims. “We are having contacts with insurers, we are looking for legal coverage formulas. It would be desirable for all these vehicles to be insured,” according to the Special Prosecutor for Road Safety.

Vargas was very critical of the indiscriminate marketing of these vehicles in shopping centers. “We deal with the indiscriminate marketing of non-approved mopeds, bicycles and non-approved VMPs. They are sold without approval either by industry or by consumption.”

“This includes the guarantee of the risks that the marketed good may produce. If the legislation protects especially the most vulnerable, children, it cannot be that a scooter is sold for a child like a soccer ball. It is not uncommon to see parents with children who are at serious risk for a child riding the scooter. Not only in marketing but also on public roads. We are going to act in the areas so that the norm is fulfilled “.

Vargas affirmed that the administrative infractions in the sales will be investigated. “Not only in physical surfaces but also in sales over the internet. “

And not only the distribution companies but also the rental companies.“Companies have to submit to the legislation, including the apps through which VMP can be booked. We point out the possibility that the company that rents or transfers may be a subsidiary civil liability, as occurs when it is the City Council that rents the bicycle or scooter, “said Vargas.

All this is explained without having specific figures, but it is due to the progressive increase in violations and abuses of this type of vehicle in large cities. According to Vargas, the strategy will also continue to revolve around education. “If the user has taken a Road Safety course before committing an outrage in VMP, it will be taken into account as a mitigating factor at the time of the sentence.”

Regarding the obligatory nature of the helmet, the Prosecutor is in favor of any measure that protects the vulnerable. But on the subject, Vargas commented that “we respect the parliamentary processing of the new regulation” of circulation in which this obligation will be introduced.

At the end of the year, a study will be presented on the increase in the number of MPV and the claims that it entails.

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