more connectivity for the whole family

The connectivity It is an important purchase reason when choosing a new car, especially for young people. The fact that many functionalities of the smartphone can be used on board makes life easier for users and improves the attractiveness of vehicles. In relation to this aspect, the Fiat 500 Hey Google, a new special series that will be available in the entire 500 family and that features the technology giant’s applications.

Both the Fiat 500, the 500X and the 500L receive this edition that adds for the first time the Google Assistant among its standard equipment. This technology is integrated with the Mopar Connect services that these models already have for all infotainment. And what this novelty contributes, mainly is that users can connect with the car even when away of the. It allows it using the voice through the smartphone or Google Nest Hub device that comes with this special edition.

In this way, from anywhere you could ask the Google Assistant for questions like where the car is parked, how much fuel is left, the location of the nearest official workshop, the mileage it takes or whether the doors have been locked. It connects with the My Fiat application and offers greater control over the car, even allowing to activate notifications on the phone. The user would be warned when the vehicle leaves the pre-established area or even if it exceeds a speed higher than the established limit.

The Fiat 500 Hey Google family comes with a series of additions to distinguish itself from other versions. Outside, the body is dressed in white, with the roof and mirrors in black contrasting. The edition logo appears on the front wheel arches, while on the B-pillars there are eye-catching ornaments with Google colors which are the most characteristic of the model.

Inside of the Fiat 500 Hey Google has a matte silver dashboard on which a 7-inch touch screen protrudes with special Google animation. A very attractive welcome kit is also delivered with these vehicles. It comes with a housing for the keys, a Google Nest Hub device and instructions to learn how to configure it and start interacting with the car.

Each copy comes with its specific equipment, with the obvious differences between the 500, 500X and 500L. The Hey Google edition can be configured with the different options of their respective mechanical ranges.

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