More and more clients are opting for the Renting of cars to individuals

Car rental to individuals

More and more people are betting on it renting to individuals. Several conditions have been brought together in the last two years so that some customers have decided to put aside the direct purchase of the vehicle to switch to this modality. Thus, it is clear that a new window is opening and that renting It is no longer only exclusive for companies and freelancers.

The positive part is that thanks to the Internet we can compare prices, products, offers and conditions in no time and without the need for intermediaries, in addition to consulting evaluations. For example, there are car rental platforms for individuals like Vamos, which has many opinions and ratings, as well as great user satisfaction.

But addressing the main issue, there are several reasons why more and more customers are betting on this modality. At a general level, because society no longer has the same ownership concept. In other words, there is no such need to own a home or a vehicle.

Car rental for individuals

Car rental for individuals

To this must be added that mobility changes, the future of the automobile and the changes to the regulations that are coming soon has made many people rethink “Tie” to a product for many years without being clear about what is going to happen in the medium term.

If you have thought about buying a new car in recent times, you have surely wondered what type of motorization is best suited. “I do a lot of kilometers, but diesel is frowned upon and it will go up in price because of taxes” or “most of my trips are short, but I don’t know if an electric is a good option because I make two or three long trips a year” …

That uncertainty of whether I buy a diesel, gasoline, hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric car is reduced with a renting, because you can change in a short time to another type of vehicle.

Renting cars to individuals

Renting cars to individuals

Furthermore, we also realize that customer life can change in no time. The simplest example may be that a 27-year-old currently needs a small vehicle to move around the city and its surroundings, but perhaps in a few years she will change residence and need a more capable car to circulate on the road or, who knows , maybe children come to the family and you have to use a family vehicle with much more space.

Finally, it should be remembered that renting to individuals also includes all vehicle maintenance, insurance, breakdowns and even tires. Just pay the monthly fee and avoid unexpected expenses. Or what is the same, the user only has to worry about refueling (or recharge, if it is electric).

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