MoraBanc asks to delay the end of the League by two days

04/27/2021 at 7:45 PM CEST

Ibon Navarro, accompanied by his coaching staff and his players, read a statement requesting that the ACB League try the option of delaying the end of the competition for two days to fit in one of the eight games that MoraBanc Andorra has to play in 19 days.

“The only thing we ask the ACB League is to consider the option of delaying the end of the competition for two days to be able to fit in any way the proposals of our club such as the match against Urbas Fuenlabrada on May 6, “said the coach.

“Thinking only of the health of our players and thus giving the option of sleeping and resting on Thursday after having played on May 4 against Unicaja Málaga”, assured the coach Ibon Navarro.

Support from the whole team

The reading of this manifesto took place this morning in the press room of the Andorra Sports Center. The Alava coach was accompanied by his players and his coaching staff, except for Bandja Sy who is recovering at home from Covid-19.

“We would like to put everyone in the background and be as clear and concise as possible. In November, the MoraBanc staff suffered a Covid outbreak that affected three members of the coaching staff and 11 players. After confinement, that entire squad had to play 12 games in 31 days. After that maelstrom of matches, 6 players were injured and four of them will no longer play this season, “he explained.

“We have just suffered another Covid outbreak that has affected four players and three of whom joined the team on Saturday on the eve of the game against Barça. The other still remains at home,” Navarro said.

Tight Andorran calendar

The ACB League announced yesterday that MoraBanc has to play eight games in 19 days. The team is with five injured players and one with Covid-19.

“Tomorrow we will play in Zaragoza, on Friday we will travel to Santiago to visit Obradoiro on Saturday and from there to Malaga to play on Tuesday against Unicaja, in the situation that we find ourselves, with nine players and three of them fresh out of Covid and Another one that will take a while to return, we are asked to return from Andorra after playing these three games away from home on Wednesday at the last minute. of the night to play on Thursday against Fuenlabrada. In less than 48 hours and a trip in between to play a demanding game again, “he said.

The experience of the month of November is very recent in the Andorran club. “It is legitimate for us to make this request after what we suffered in the month of December due to the accumulation of parties after many days of inactivity due to the coronavirus.”

“We are athletes and we are here to play and compete as we have done in this difficult season. We want to make it clear that we are proud to be part of the best league in Europe., but we resist thinking that for this competition the most important it is the competition itself, not the health of its main protagonists, the players “, declared Ibon Navarro