Montserrat Oliver and his girlfriend Yaya Kosikova secretly married | Instagram

Much has been raised in the past days of the wedding of Montserrat Oliver and Yaya Kosikova who apparently waited for their wedding after passing this pandemic, however, the driver has a surprise for everyone.

It recently emerged that Oliver and your partner, Yaya KosikovaThose who pledged earlier this year did not want to wait any longer and sealed their union in a closed-door meeting, despite the coronavirus crisis.

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It was her own Montserrat who revealed this Saturday through her Instagram account that she has been married to the model for six months Yaya Kosikova.

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In the image, shared through the own account of the host of the Televisa program « Montse & Joe« You can see both women wearing an elegant white tailor suit and holding hands, Oliver she holds a bouquet of flowers, while Yaya shows off her wedding ring.

Love is ours, happiness is shared. Love grows and transforms, that transformation is called commitment, supporting us, accompanying us and continuing to fight together. Today 6 months ago we got married and I would choose you over and over again. « 

It was the emotional words with which Montserrat shared the post.

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This image comes to put a stop to the strong rumors of alleged problems and distancing between the couple around the close relationship that Oliver save with Yolanda.

It is worth mentioning that in recent days it was revealed that Yay maintained a strong rivalry with Yolanda Andrade for his relationship with Montserrat.

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Andrade reiterated in past days after being approached by the media that Montserrat she will always be the most important person in her life and the one that occupies a paramount place in her « life pyramid », she pointed out, which further triggered the versions that ensure that there is still love between the two.

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Likewise, a source close to both conductors allegedly confirmed the feelings between the two through an interview revealed to Tv Notes, done for what they say, Yay she was conscious and very jealous of Yolanda, as they pointed out.