Montserrat Martínez: Are you already part of the new communication in business?

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Dear reader, now that we live in the new normal due to the covid-19 pandemic, many companies around the world have chosen to continue carrying out their activities in the Home Office mode, And of course, if currently in Mexico we already exceed one million cases, and in Nuevo León there are more than 91 thousand, for which the organizations have chosen to have a part of their staff that carries out their activities remotely through electronics devices, And although many of the activities were already done on these devices, there are activities that were not very common before, such as meetings with clients, suppliers, prospects, etc.

For this reason, today I want to share some tools for your work meetings, as well as tips to make your meeting as beneficial as possible for everyone.

Among the various tools for videoconferencing, three stand out that you surely know:

Skype.- Software that allows communication through devices to make free calls and video calls either between 2 or more people, as well as the sending of instant messages and files with your contacts on this platform.

Zoom.- Program for video calls and virtual meetings based on the cloud, very accessible for which you do not need to download the application, which you can record if you need to see them later.

Hangouts.- Google instant messaging application that unites the Google Talk, Google + Meesenger and Google + Hangouts services, which allows you to make video calls, send messages, share files and that does not have a time limit in meetings.

These are some of the many platforms that you can use to carry out all your meetings, taking into account the advice that I detail below, I know that you will have an excellent meeting at all times.

1.- Choose your wallpaper:

Sometimes we do not have the best space to carry out our meetings online, among the functionalities of the platforms one of them is to be able to change your wallpaper to one predetermined by the application and sometimes one of your photo gallery, in such a way that it will help you focus attention on you and not on the background that is in your space.

2.- Do tests before the meeting starts:

A few minutes before the meeting starts, check that everything is working, that the audio is heard well, that the camera can be used, if you have to share information through a file, check that it can be viewed correctly, etc., this will prevent At the time of starting, waste minutes and in the same way there are errors.

3.- Keep a good image:

Remember that even if we are not in person, our image is very important, so wear the clothes that you would use if the meeting were person to person, it is essential to take care of our image, as they say, the first impression counts.

4.- Lighting:

Do not forget to look for a place with good lighting, taking care that it does not look too bright or that the space is very dark, so that everything is displayed correctly.

Finally, I recommend you have a plan B, so that if the platform you have chosen to carry out your meeting is having failures, you can have at least two more options to avoid which delay, remember that it is always better to be safe than sorry, I hope These tips are useful to you, see you in the next edition.

The author is a Public Accountant and Communications and Media Coordinator at Elizondo Cantú, SC.

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