Montoya thinks Verstappen wasn’t smart against Hamilton

The contact at the start of the Grand Prix of Great Britain who knocked Max Verstappen out of the game and allowed Lewis Hamilton to significantly reduce the gap in qualifying from the Dutchman continues to be talked about.

One of the leading figures in the motoring world has expressed his opinion: Juan Pablo Montoya.

The Colombian, who competed in Formula 1 in the 2000s with Williams and McLaren, offered his contribution on the program ‘This Week with Will Buxton’, aired on, and explained why Max Verstappen he was wrong not to think in terms of what that race mattered for the world championship.

“To be honest, I think it was more of a racing incident than anything else. Lewis missed a bit at the apex. In fact, rather than fail at the apex, when he entered the corner the car understeered and went long, and I don’t think Max gave him enough space. “

“Max turned quite sharply, but he’s an aggressive guy. What you usually see is Max attacking the Mercedes, and the Mercedes has always been the fastest car. This time I think it was all the other way around because Max has the fastest car. ”.

Montoya did not fully relieve Hamilton of liability for the accident. According to the former F1 driver, the seven-time world champion took a chance on flanking Verstappen at Copse and studied this move after seeing the Dutchman’s behavior during sprint qualifying on Saturday.

“Lewis? It was good to see him come back and be aggressive and take risks. Has he tried? Yes. Was he in position? Of course. He was 100 percent next to him and I think if Max had given him a little more of space would still have been ahead. “

“In sprint qualifying, Lewis tried it too, but he realized that on the outside he was not going to get past him, that he had to be inside and next to him. Whoever came out of Copse first would win the race.”

Sunday’s clash sparked controversy between Toto Wolff and Christian Horner and Montoya enjoyed the heated verbal exchange between the two team managers.

“Well, it’s understandable. You have to remember that Red Bull has not won a championship in a long time, while now they have the opportunity to do so and they will fight for it. The media pays a lot of attention to this fight. They know that people listen to them. They get excited and everyone wants to say what they think and support their point of view. “

Will the Silverstone incident somehow mark Verstappen’s focus on the upcoming races? According to Montoya, it will have to be Red Bull who directs his talent and makes him understand that the objective now is not the victories, but the title.

“I think Lewis will be stronger after this episode. He is still behind in the standings and Red Bull is the strongest car, whereas Max has never been in a position where he had to think about points. Now he has to be smart enough to bring home the best possible result each week. “

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“Max could have stepped on the gas and finished second, or he could have beaten Lewis with strategy, but instead he just thought about victory. Think about how many points he lost. It will be interesting to see how the whole team, how Helmut Marko and Horner face this situation. “

“They will start to wonder if they should change their strategy with Max and think not only of victory, while Lewis has shown that he will take any risk to try to win the championship. Did he make a mistake and lose the vertex? Yes, and caused a collision. Did Max try to avoid it? No! “

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