Montijo and Cacereño split the points in a goalless match (0-0)

05/18/2021 at 12:02 AM CEST

The Montijo and the Cacereño they tied at zero in the match played on Monday. The Montijo came with the intention of reaping another victory after winning away from home by a score of 0-1 at Sherry. Regarding the visiting team, the Cacereño he won in his fief 2-0 his last match in the tournament against the Moralo. After the result obtained, the local team was placed in second position, while the Cacereño He came in first place at the end of the match.

In the first half, neither team was right on target, so the first 45 minutes ended with the same 0-0 score.

Neither team managed to score in the second half, so the duel ended 0-0.

It was a game with several movements on the benches. The Cacereño gave entrance to Teto, Ocana, Carrasco, Fassani Y Silversmith for Candy, Carlitos Andujar, Capelo, Javito Y Jorge Barba and by the Montijo it was replaced Joel, Stain Y Juanpe for Espinar, Hooch Y Joel.

During the 90 minutes of the game, a total of five cards were seen. The Montijo had to face the sanction of Acquah with a yellow card and the expulsion of Jose Angel with a red card, while the visitors suffered the sanction of Gustavo, Raul Espinosa Y Carrasco.

At the moment, the Montijo he is left with 57 points and the Cacereño with 58 points.

The team that played the match at home will be measured on the following day with the Diocesan CD, Meanwhile he Cacereño will play against him Coria.

Data sheetMontijo:Tienza, Montemayor, Julio Rodao, José Angel, Matute (Manchón, min.86), Acquah, Gianoli, Javi Chino, Espinar (Joel, min.8), Chechu and GattasCacereño:Bernabé, Rubén, Gustavo, Capelo (Carrasco, min.78), Caramelo (Teto, min.46), Bermu, Jorge Barba (Platero, min.87), Dani Gallardo, Marvin, Carlitos Andujar (Ocaña, min.69) and Raúl EspinosaStadium:Goals:0-0

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