Three soap opera versions that stole the hearts of the audience, based on the story « The woman who could not love », written by Delia Fiallo

The woman who could not love, is a story written by the Cuban author Deilia Fiallio, ‘The mother of the novel’, which in Mexico has had three adaptations for soap operas, all with great success on screen, and remembered with great affection by the public of each era.

The plot revolves around a young woman who is forced to marry a wealthy landowner, spiteful, macho and bitter, prostrate in a wheelchair after a horse accident. When a young doctor arrives to review the injuries of the evil rancher, the love between him and the self-sacrificing woman arises immediately, so they will have to overcome all the adversities that they go through on their way to happiness. From her family, who for convenience cannot allow him to leave it, to his sister, just as malevolent, who also falls in love with the doctor and will do the impossible to conquer him.



In the 80s, Edith González and Arturo Peniche consolidated as the young promises of soap operas, and were already favorites to star in some of the most successful, such as Monte Calvario. Edith plays the young protagonist, ‘Ana Rosa Pérez Montalbán’, Arturo the ‘doctor’ ‘Gustavo Seckerman’ and the roles of the brother villains, ‘Octavio Montero Narváez’ and ‘Olivia Montero Narváez’, the one who since then has been consolidated in cinema, José Alonso, and Úrsula Pratts (the bad favorite of the time).

I still love you (1996)

I still love you, 1996

Ten years after the first Mexican version of this melodrama, Te sigo amando swept again in the preferences of the public. Originally it would be called ‘Yulissa, mi amor’, but the fury of the main theme, written and performed by Juan Gabriel was such that it was finally the title of the soap opera. Claudia Ramírez gave life to ‘Yulissa Torres-Quintero’, the protagonist, the Venezuelan heartthrob, Luis José Santander, the hero, ‘Dr. Luis Ángel Zaldívar ’and the wicked were in charge of Sergio Goyri as‘ Ignacio Aguirre ’and Olivia Collins, as his sister‘ Leticia Aguirre ’.



For the latest version that we have seen on Mexican screens, 15 years passed, with a title closer to the original of the famous Cuban writer. The one who could not love, had a very good reception among the television audience, who were interpreted by Ana Brenda Contreras as ‘Ana Paula Carmona Flores’ and José Ron as the engineer ‘Gustavo Durán Esquivel’. The adaptation of this story had some twists on the original, such as the circumstances that force the young woman to marry the villain, also giving her an update to adapt it to the new century. The bitter landowner ‘Rogelio Montero Báez’, was played by Jorge Salinas, who in the end, ends up amending his wickedness, and the poisonous sister, who makes them see their fate, was Susana González, like ‘Cynthia Montero Báez’.