If we say Monster Rancher (Monster Farms in Japanese territory)… do you have any memory in mind? Indeed, we refer to that franchise of virtual monsters that drank, and drinks, directly from titles like Pokémon and that was launched back in 1997 on PlayStation. Taking advantage, incidentally, of the rise of his anime, broadcast on Antena 3 in our territory. Now, and after the premiere of the port of his first installment in Nintendo Switch, we get new news regarding its second title (Monster Rancher 2).

And it is that Koei Tecmo, already fully loaded to the cart to recover forgotten sagas with adaptations of existing titles instead of with new installments, has released a Advance of Monster Rancher 2. He video in question, a little over 1 minute long, it shows us some in-game scenes focused on its different game mechanics, as well as its own battles. Since an image is worth a thousand words, or so they say, we leave you with this first approach to the second installment of such a legendary franchise, so that you can get an idea of ​​what awaits us on Nintendo Switch.

Monster Rancher 2 will be released in Japan this fall, although for now, and as it happened with the port of its first installment, we do not have a release date in western territory. What did you think of the ad? Did you know the franchise?


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