Monster Hunter Rise Monster Sketches of Bombagdy Shown

The Monster Hunter saga has always had a great presence on Nintendo consoles, more specifically on portable consoles, although there has also been a presence on desktop machines. Many were the rumors about a new game in the Monster Hunter saga for Nintendo Switch, and in the end, these were more than real. We could see this in the Nintendo Direct Mini Partner Showcase in early September, where not one, but two titles of the Monster Hunter saga for Nintendo Switch were unveiled: Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin.

Watch out for exploding Bombagdy!

Little by little we are learning more information about Monster Hunter Rise, such as its history, game modes or even some of its fearsome monsters. This time, it’s time to meet an explosive monster, Bombagdy. This creature is a kind of chubby raccoon that explodes at the slightest. It has been Monster Hunter’s own Twitter account that has made Bombagdy more known with some sketches of this explosive monster.

As we can see, we have to be careful with Bombagdy or at least our hunter will be blown up. We remember that Monster Hunter Rise will go on sale next March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch, although according to recent words from the director of Capcom, Monster Hunter Rise could have been released before that date.