Monster Hunter Rise hopes to sell the same as Monster Hunter World

When you mix a top-selling console with a game that’s always exploded on its old hardware, it seems like the result only goes one way. Capcom expects Monster Hunter Rise to accumulate the same sales as Monster Hunter World. The latter, launched on several platforms, set a new commercial standard for the franchise, and now it seems that the Japanese firm is willing to repeat success, but this time on a single platform, Nintendo switch.

Dated for March 2021, with a different date than initially planned due to the events of this year, the new MH Rise is already getting the number of reservations that Capcom was expecting with it, as revealed by Haruhiro Tsujimoto, president. Capcom, in a statement to Nikkei. «Due to the pandemic, development was suspended for about a month, and the launch postponed to March 2021, so we hope that the bulk of profits arrive in the following fiscal year«, Explains the boss of the firm (remember that the fiscal years in certain regions end in March and begin in April, contrary to the calendar years).

Monster Hunter Rise with RE Engine

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Tsujimoto reaffirms himself, further explaining that the “Advertisement effect” always helps the name of a game spread like wildfire around the world, and it is precisely because of that and because of the brand’s baggage, as well as the commercial success of Switch, that they hope that «this title will sell so good like previous installments, like Monster Hunter World ». The latter, released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, already accumulates more than 16 million units sold all over the world.

Will they get it or will they stay by the wayside? The goals are ambitious, but late 2020 and 2021 are going to be strong periods for Monster Hunter. This December we have an appointment with his new live-action movie, in March the launch of Rise for Switch, with a rumored Switch Pro accompanying, and, finally, in summer the launch of Monster Hunter Stories 2. All of that will feed back, and you can help the firm reach its goal.

▪ Release date: 03/26/2021