Monster Hunter: Movie Trailer Reveals Just How Dangerous Fighting Will Be

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This year will end very soon, but it still has surprises for fans of video games, especially Monster Hunter titles, since the film of the series will debut very soon, one of the most important productions inspired by video games. If you were eager to learn more about her, we have excellent news for you, because today a new trailer was shared that reveals a world that captures the essence of Monster Hunter.

Perhaps the presentation trailer for the Monster Hunter movie made you wonder why the protagonists used weapons to combat the indomitable beasts of the Monster Hunter universe. Well, we inform you that this happened because a military group was suddenly transported to this fantastic world and they had to use the weapons they had at hand, something that will happen in the initial part of the film.

The new trailer lets you take a look further and offers a look at more elements of the universe of the Monster Hunter franchise. As you know, the artillery was not going to harm the beasts of Monster Hunter, but special weapons would be necessary, such as bows, blades and giant swords, and it is precisely seen in the new advance that they will be a fundamental part in the combats that you will see on the tape.

In case you missed it: the director of the Monster Hunter movie is already planning sequels.

New trailer introduces giant monsters and a powerful ally

Also, the video reveals several iconic monsters from the Capcom series, such as Diablos, Nerscylla, Apceros and the plans that Milla Jovovich, impersonating Captain Natalie Artemis, and actor Tony Jaa will have to devise to end these beasts. We remind you that this film will be canon and that it will take place between the events of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

As we told you, days ago, it had been confirmed that the pals would be present in the film and the first to be presented was the Meaowscular Chef, who will have a flirtatious behavior with Captain Natalie Artemis.

We do not tell you more and we better leave you with the advance that the GAMERGEN channel shared.

What did you think of the new trailer? Do you think the essence of Monster Hunter can be seen more clearly with him? Tell us in the comments.

The Monster Hunter movie will debut very shortly around the world and one of the first countries in which it will be available will be Mexico. If you want to prepare for its premiere, we recommend you check why the protagonist will be human and see how the communication process was between those in charge of the film and Capcom. You can find more Monster Hunter related news by visiting this page.

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