Monster Hunter Movie Now Releasing Late December

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/20/2020 8:34 am


The movie of Monster hunter The date changes again, and in a rather strange way. Although the adaptation was originally planned for a couple of months ago, the film was delayed until next December. Later, the date was changed to April 2021. Now, unexpectedly, Sony has mentioned that this feature film will hit theaters on December 25, 2020.

In this way, the international premiere was advanced. At the moment the reason behind this decision is unknown, especially considering that Wonder Woman 1984, the film that was committed to bringing theaters to life on Christmas Day, will also be available via streaming on December 25. It will be interesting if some of these two films manage to stand out in this pandemic environment.

In related topics, You can check how the Palicos will look in the new trailer of the film here. Similarly, although the film has not yet released, the director already has a couple of ideas for a possible sequel.


Via: Deadline

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