Monsignor Basabe demanded that the regime not lie with the covid-19 figures


Monsignor Víctor Hugo Basabe, apostolic administrator of the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto, in Lara state, requested this Thursday, January 14, to the regime of Nicolás Maduror not to lie in the daily pandemic report of covid-19 and demanded that they tell the country the truth.

« The opacity and the lie with which this pandemic is being handled in Venezuela, the only thing that will contribute is to that covid-19 spreads more and causes more sadness between us, ”he said.

“By the mercy of God, on behalf of this people, I ask you: tell the truth no matter how painful it may be. Know that the lie has no force, that the one that has its own force is the truth and that sooner or later the force of the truth will show itself, « he added.

The religious made his demand during the first virtual pilgrimage of the Divina Pastora, from the temple of Santa Rosa.

Basabe claimed that many Venezuelans are dying from the coronavirus, including eminent doctors who carried out their work in the worst biosecurity conditions and that they are not even taken into account in the daily statistics.

He expressed that you cannot continue to put people’s lives at risk by hiding the truth or only showing it half. So asked citizens to pray for the pandemic to come to an end and for the health personnel who are in the front line of battle.

« A national agreement is urgent »

The monsignor regretted the wrong decisions made in the 20 years in which Chavismo has been in power and that have led the country to a political, economic and social crisis. He also expressed the urgency for a national agreement to be reached and for a change to occur in the leadership and institutions of the country.

“I ask those who have assumed the exercise of politics: understand once and for all that a national agreement is urgent to put an end to so much suffering; a change in the leadership of the country and its institutions, and that can be achieved with good will and without the country having to bleed itself out. Only with a glance and a gesture of mercy towards this people, both on the part of those who hold the government, as well as those who oppose it ”.

Divina Pastora: intercede for Venezuela

Basabe asked the Divina Pastora to intercede for Venezuela and that it helps its citizens to lead the country towards progress, harmony, unity, democracy, justice, freedom and peace.

« May she intercede and be a source of health and comfort for those who are now in public and private health centers or in their homes suffering from covid-19, that she with her mother’s love protect homes and our families ”.

He also prayed for children, young people, for prisoners whose rights are not respected and for the Venezuelans who are currently emigrating towards other countries, despite the risks posed by the global emergency due to the pandemic.

“May she accompany, as a caring pastor, all our Venezuelan brothers who have emigrated in search of the future that is denied to them in Venezuela; May he guide and protect all the brothers who flee at this hour from Venezuela, desperate for the terrible situation we are experiencing, ”he said.

Monsignor raised his prayers for the directors and volunteers of charity and humanitarian organizations that, at this time, mean a relief for Venezuelans who suffer from want and misery to which the regime has led the country.

He also demanded that the work they carry out is respected and the persecutions cease of the State organisms against those who only try to help.