His name is already far away, his feat is being lost in the haze that populates short-term minds and the nightmare may come to an end. It is impressive to associate success such as Olympic gold with subsequent misfortune, but this has been the case for Monica Puig. The Puerto Rican made history for the sport of her country and surprised locals and strangers with a memorable victory, the consequences of which were dramatic in the following years. Unbearable pressure, injury odyssey, depression, constant sports disappointments. Now that the world is in chaos from the coronavirus pandemic, Mónica wants to rediscover herself and emerge stronger, as she comments on Tennis.com.

“They have been the three worst years of my life,” Puig began saying in an article for Behind The Racquet in which he analyzed his journey through hell after reaching paradise. Now, Puig is playing the WorldTeamTennis and recovering sensations after a serious elbow injury that forced him to undergo surgery. “I have made the most of the quarantine time to get fit and feel the adrenaline of the competition again and it is fabulous. What I like the least about tennis is traveling alone, so I love team competitions, I really enjoy it and hopefully there would be more, “says the Puerto Rican.

Monica Puig and three years of tears

10/24/2019 07:10

Puerto Rican Monica Puig reveals and recounts the hardest stage of her career: the three years that have passed since she won the Olympics.

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He will have to wait another year to defend his Olympic gold and perhaps thus, completely get rid of those bad feelings that have populated his mind for so long. “It would not have been in shape if they had played this season, so I am happy that they have been postponed. The experience of being with the best athletes on the planet in such an event is surreal,” she says. “I feel that these years have made me mature and become the woman I am today. I feel more empowered and able to do things that could scare me before,” she reflects.

“Sometimes, I still don’t think I could be an Olympic champion. I look for the medal in my house, and I look at it and touch it to remember what I was able to do. That will last forever, my name will be associated with Olympic history and It is a tremendous pride for me. I just want to re-experience the sensations on track that I had those weeks and continue enjoying this sport, now with all the accumulated experience, “he says. Monica Puig.