Mónica Naranjo sarcastically replies to ‘Cachitos de Hierro y Cromo’ for one of her labels

‘Little pieces of iron and chrome’ is known to many television lovers different for its journey through the music that floods the archive of Radio Televisión Española. However, one of his programs dedicated to the ballad has received a not entirely positive reaction by one of its protagonists: Mónica Naranjo, who disagrees with a term used in his famous labels.

Mónica Naranjo in ‘Little pieces of iron and chrome’

The program of La 2 recovered a fragment of his song « I begin to remember you », performed in ‘Música Sí’ back in 1998. As usual, ‘Cachitos’ comments on each performance with a series of graphics where the trajectory of the interpreters, other of their works and even ironic sentences related to the present are discussed. However, what could be read on the screen did not appeal to Naranjo: « Upcycled now on TV presenter, Monica made her powerful voice a distinctive mark.  »

On February 16, the official Twitter account of Televisión Española wanted to send this video clip to the singer with a beautiful dedication: « You never stop surprising us. Spectacular!« . Mónica Naranjo’s response was anything but expected for the public channel, since did not like that the term « recycled » was used instead of another more appropriate under their discretion.

« Thanks for the ‘recycled’ thing … Maybe the term ‘versatile’ is difficult to understand and that’s why it surprises you … Un beso « , replies the singer to the tweet. In fact, versatility is one of the terms that can best describe her professional career, since Not only has he stood in front of a microphone to sing, but he has also been at the helm of ‘The Island of Temptations’, ‘Mónica y el sexo’ or has been part of the jury of talents such as ‘Operación Triunfo’ or ‘Your face sounds to me’.

The networks applaud the zasca

Yes, this answer can be classified as a full-blown « zasca » and the followers of Naranjo have been able to appreciate it: « Moni, look if you are versatile that you release spoliers as well as zascas », comments a tweeter. Also, onomatopoeia can be read in the comments like « Boom! » and even support messages like: « When a panther roars the world trembles. And it is also that Monica is right « .