Monica Hoyos’ reaction to discovering live that her boyfriend could be a scammer

Monica Hoyos visited the set of « Save me » on February 17 with great enthusiasm. Carlos Lozano’s ex-partner claimed to have known a person for a short time. However, the former survivor had a curious shock with reality when the program collaborators showed her the information that had come from her new suitor. The space broadcast the guest’s reaction while listening to the testimony of a witness who had contacted them.

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Mónica Hoyos in ‘Save me’

The ex-participant of ‘GH VIP 6’ went from joy to bewilderment when she discovered that the person she knew was « in search and capture »: « I know they took him into custody once, but due to some administrative error they ended up releasing him. A former worker he is charged with his guilt in a crime of fraud. In fact, he was convicted.  » The witness stated that the name used by Mónica Hoyos’s friend was false and that He posed as a real estate agent and a person « with a lot of money » to go « scamming people ».

« Poor thing, we are doing her a favor. I already did the same with another girl he was dating who was also famous. I think he can scam Mónica Hoyos, if he is not notified in time« , concluded the witness. Carlos Lozano’s ex-partner was very concerned while listening to the testimony: « I’m hallucinating »the guest confessed that she could hardly even speak. Hoyos explained that he met him through a friend in Madrid, who was a businessman and that some of his businesses were related to real estate.

« It’s a bit serious »

Jorge Javier Vázquez told Mónica Hoyos that there were more people who corroborated this information. As if that were not enough, Gustavo González confessed that he had known the information for a long time. Even so, Hoyos did not quite believe everything: « The ‘in search and capture’ thing is a bit serious. He is not a person who hides. », the guest doubted. For that reason, he decided to write to his partner live to find out the truth immediately. The aforementioned assured that « he was acquitted ».