Mónica García sends a letter to her political rivals to “face the parental pin” proposed by Vox in Madrid

The More Madrid candidate for the elections on May 4, Mónica García, has sent a letter to their counterparts Isabel Díaz Ayuso (PP), Ángel Gabilondo (PSOE), Edmundo Bal (Cs) and Pablo Iglesias (United We Can) to “face the ‘parental pin'” proposed by their rival from Vox, Rocío Monasterio, “whatever happens on May 4“.

In a video posted on his Twitter profile, García explains that he has proposed this pre-election agreement “for the rights of children“. Is about “a veto to the parental veto, in writing and before the polls open“.

The proposal of the More Madrid candidate comes before her “enormous concern when seeing the first announcements made by the new head of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Region of Murcia -María Isabel Campuzano, former deputy of Vox-“, since ” the decided bet “of the counselor to implant the parental veto supposes”a setback in both education and rights and freedoms“.

The parental veto is an attack on the right to information of children and it puts them at risk by robbing them of the knowledge and essential tools for their full development. No or no student should be held hostage to the prejudices of their parents”García pointed out in the letters.

In addition, it has stated that this measure “endangers the health of students when opening the ban to what stop receiving basic training on sexually transmitted diseases, prevention of drug use, healthy eating habits and a very long etcetera ”.

In turn, García remarks in the letters that “respect for human rights is not subject to debate“And that is why he calls his counterparts in the PP, PSOE, United We Can and Cs to acquire”a public commitment before all men and women from Madrid that, regardless of the electoral result, the parental veto will not reach the classrooms of the Community of Madrid”.

“I don’t want Madrid to be the next one”

The candidate of Más Madrid has qualified in a video of “bleak“the panorama in the Region of Murcia,” since a deputy of (Santiago) Abascal is the new Minister of Education ” has announced the parental veto from the next school year.

I don’t want Madrid to be the next domino tile. I get the creeps thinking that the education of my children may be in the hands of a denier as Rocío Monasterio“, has declared.

In addition, García has pointed out that Madrid has always been a region “tolerant, free and diverse, and that it must be a commitment of all parties that it continues to be so. “And that the”hatred, pointing to fear, the classification between good ways of loving and bad ways of loving they have no place in this Community”, Has defended.

Iglesias considers the educational veto “illegal”

After García’s proposal, Iglesias has spoken, who has rejected this monday the ‘parental pin ‘proposed by Vox by indicating that it is “illegal to make conscientious objection to democracy, tolerance and sexual diversity“.

Citizens also responded to the candidate of the formation led by Íñigo Errejón, although in her case it was to say that the party “you do not need to sign anything “to veto the ‘parental pin’ since Cs has demonstrated to be against to the “extreme measures” of Vox during the two years that he has governed with the PP in Madrid. This is how number 3 of Edmundo Bal’s candidacy, César Zafra, has pronounced: “I think we have made it quite clear that in this community there is no parental pin just because we were ruling“.