Mónica García (More Madrid), after the ‘sorpasso’ to the PSOE: "Do not lose heart, we are the alternative"

There is a green, feminist and Madrid alternative“With these words, Mónica García, candidate of Más Madrid, summarized the results of her training at the last hour of the night, which consolidated itself as the majority force of the opposition after obtaining the longed-for sorpasso to the PSOE of Ángel Gabilondo. More Madrid obtained more than 607,000 votes, 16.96% of the vote and 24 seats. García thus improved the results of Íñigo Errejón in 2019, which obtained 475,000 votes (14.69%) and four fewer seats that nowadays.

The new opposition leader began her speech in the same way that Ayuso did: remembering the Covid victims and their families. Surrounded by Errejon, the spokesperson for Más Madrid in the City Council, Rita Maestre, and other members of your candidacy, Garcia showed contained joy. That of a formation that saw the change close but that has remained at the gates, although at the same time it has exceeded all possible expectations. This was also transmitted by García: “In the campaign we have done everything that has been in our power, But it was not enough“.

The candidate, a doctor by profession, assured that Más Madrid was the party that was presented to the elections with the most austere means. For this reason, he stressed that, in his opinion, they have made the campaign “more efficient, with the best ideas, the best team and the best membership.”

In his speech, which only lasted a few minutes, García also wanted to emphasize that his small triumph is due to the fact that, “in the face of occurrences”, in reference to Ayuso, “and to abstractions”, in reference to Pablo Iglesias, they have spoken “of the real problems”. “We have put people at the center“, He said.

The 600,000 green votes he garnered, he assured that they served to “demonstrate” that his political spaceconsolidates and can grow“.” There are two clear models: the one that preys on the public, that of the law of the jungle, and the model of empathy, of the future that we have led and we will continue to lead, “he continued.

Likewise, García said “to assume” the “responsibility of leading the change in the Community” and declared that, since last night, the countdown to the next regional elections begins, that will be held in 2023 according to the deadlines set by law.

“This campaign is the advance of the alternative that I promise to build in the Assembly I have been, I am and will be to defend the interests of Madrid,” he said before ending with a harangue to his own with a view to continuing to grow: “Do not lose heart, we will be more“.