This week WWE Monday Night RAW presented a very interesting show, which started and ended with a mixed moment, of champions against challengers, as well as other important segments under the leadership of Bruce Prichard. We will analyze the ratings and the reactions of the fans to determine if the red show is on the right track.

WWE RAW lowers its ratings this week

This week RAW had a slight decrease in television audience compared to last week. According to preliminary reports, the average viewership in the three hours was 1,735 million viewers, approximately 200,000 fewer fans than last week.

Analyzing per hour, during the first part there were 1,862 million viewers, 1,751 in the second and 1,592 in the third, in a rather long show. The average viewer is thought to choose which part of RAW to watch and tune in at that time.

Last week had a better average of viewers, with 1,922 million and the previous one was 1,939 million, so we can say that this week is the worst so far, so far Prichard’s management.

Even with these results, the general sentiment is very good, as it is thought that the integration of segments and promos has made the viewer not detach from the show. We have received many positive comments from Lucha Noticias from our followers, who point out that they have seen the entire RAW program in the last three weeks.

Everything seems to indicate that Paul Heyman’s management was not as good as expected and that his long-term projects were not compatible with the reality that we are having to live through the pandemic.

Only time will tell us if Prichard’s strategy is the best, but at the moment, despite this slump, everything seems to be going well.

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