Moncloa resumes contact with the opposition and parliamentary groups this week

Félix Bolaños (Photo: Europa Press News via .)

Moncloa takes the initiative. The new Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Félix Bolaños, will pick up the phone this week and will do a round with the spokesmen of the parliamentary groups, according to government sources.

This round of contacts will be “by call”, comment the sources of Moncloa, who specify that it will begin from the middle of the week.

This is a first round of contacts and rapprochement for Bolaños, who in the recent reshuffle of the Government has become the emerging minister and a key part of the relationship with Parliament.

In an interview in El País this weekend, Bolaños acknowledged that there were no contacts with the PP: “There is not, but I am going to establish it with all the spokespersons for the groups. I will transfer to the PP that it is essential to renew ”.

“When the PSOE is in opposition, the organs are renewed when it comes time. I will transfer it to the PP spokesperson. The Government reaches out to strengthen institutions. And I would like the PP to join the recovery. I am a man of pacts. I would like the PP to be more useful for our country ”, he indicated.

F & # xe9; lix Bola & # xf1; os (Photo: Europa Press News via Getty Images)F & # xe9; lix Bola & # xf1; os (Photo: Europa Press News via Getty Images)

Félix Bolaños (Photo: Europa Press News via .)

Bolaños explained: “I would like the opposition to have a project beyond demanding the resignation of the president and early elections every day. We need stability to get our life back ”.

“The attitude of the PP is not very constructive,” added the new Minister of the Presidency, who will debut tomorrow at the press conference after the Council of Ministers with the approval of the democratic memory law.

The Government and the opposition are mainly pending the renewal of the constitutional bodies -General Council of the Judiciary, Constitutional Court, Court of Accounts-, a matter on which they were about to reach an agreement but the PP dropped the pact last minute. In fact, Félix Bolaños was one of the main architects of these conversations (only the renewal of RTVE was agreed).

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The Government has put pressure to carry out this renewal but the PSOE understands that the popular ones do not want to modify the current expired organs because the conservative majority installed in them benefits them.

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