Michoacán.- The departure of Monarcas Morelia towards Mazatlán is almost a fact that will be confirmed in the coming days, however for the fans of the ‘Michoacán’ state the decision has not been easy, and they have raised their voices to achieve a miracle that allow them to continue with the team.

For the third consecutive day, hundreds of people invaded the streets of Morelia to demand respect from the owners for the years of dedication and encouragement in the stands, as well as to ensure that they do not move the equipment anywhere.

Accompanied by their shirts, blankets and banners with messages of support for the team, the “Purépecha” fans paraded down the avenue of the Morelos stadium towards the Government Palace to demand the necessary support from the leaders to maintain soccer in the city.

These protesting marches began on Sunday when they appeared on Avenida Francisco I. Madero without much respect for the confinements due to the pandemic, while on Monday they were held outside the Tv Azteca facilities.

After 8:00 p.m., the crowd of children, youth and adults dedicated songs against Grupo Salinas with the great flag of Monarcas Morelia displayed in front of the city government palace.

Despite the large number of participants, those involved did have face masks and latex gloves to protect themselves from the coronavirus during the protest. “Money is above a faithful hobby,” was the song of all those present in the face of the injustice they consider to be committed.

This same day there was also talk of the possibility that businessman Alfredo Anaya Gudiño could save the team, since at one point he was interested in the situation.


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