The Chilean was once again a topic of conversation on social networks. They did not stop commenting after uploading this photo!

March 28, 2020

Camila Anastasia Gallardo Montalva, better known as Cami, again gave something to speak publicly wearing a beautiful sports outfit that fit her silhouette perfectly. She is like a goddess!

Cami She showed off her perfect fitness body, apparently this girl does not leave the exercises in a quarantine. She is a great example!

With great pride Cami She showed us how marked and flat her abdomen is, which received more than 160 thousand likes on Instagram, the publication was also filled with comments that flattered her.

Notably Cami She is one of the many women fighters who defend women’s rights every day, on March 8, this warrior was seen supporting the feminist movement, which was very successful in different countries of the world.

You are big Cami!