He Blue Cross surprised by thrashing by marker 4-1 to the America inside of Cup for MexicoDue to the resounding defeat, the cream-blue outfit took several taunts. Emanuel el ‘Tito’ Villa scoffed at the Eagles but Moises Muñoz defended them.

In your account Twitter the former Argentine player issued a comment, which implied that beating the America is usual. « It is already starting to become a habit« Wrote the Argentine. The ‘miracle keeper’ kept nothing and defended his beloved eagles.

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« Quiet my Titus that we are in preseason, also there are many years that have to be removed, a pair of balloons does not celebrate« Replied the former goalkeeper. The Americanist fans did not delay and immediately supported the comment of Muñoz.

Later came a series of tweets where each defended his favorite team. Those who appreciated the discussion were the fans, as they were supporting the points of view given by the two former soccer players of the Liga MX.