These are three of the most sordid stories. It all started on Instagram on September 5, 2020, when a certain Romy revealed the testimonies of three young women with similar stories. Each claims to be the victim of Mohamed Bellahmed, alias Moha La Squale, a 25-year-old rapper revealed in 2018 with his first album Bendero. Accompanied by their lawyers, and although “badly received” by the police, the three young women lodge a complaint the following Monday. Thus, Tuesday, September 8, the Paris prosecutor opens an investigation for “violence”, “sexual assault” and “kidnapping” against the new French rap star. Our colleagues from the World were able to meet these three alleged victims – aged 23 to 28 – who give themselves in detail (and anonymously) about their trauma. “Let’s call them Luna, Ana and Andrea”, we read at the beginning of this long article. And the rest is blood-curdling.

“I was destroyed”

“At first it was insults, and it quickly degenerated into ‘I’m pushing you’. Then the first slaps. Slowly, it was gaining momentum, ”explains Luna. After a few months, Moha La Squale “multiplies the often extreme jealousy attacks”. The rapper covers the young woman with insults – “pu **”, “stingy white”, etc. – until resorting to physical violence. “He was pulling my hair so hard that the skin on my scalp peeled off, I had bruises all over my head. He was strangling me with a pillow. I was struggling and I said to myself: ‘he will end up suffocating me one day’ ”, says the young designer of 23 years. As often in this case, Luna’s abuser softened after each bout of violence and tried to make her feel guilty by reminding her of his love for her and using her original social background as an excuse.

And then one day, almost inevitably, the death threats appeared. “If you leave me and talk, I’ll make you shoot in the knee, I will send a guy to you lacerate the face with a razor blade, I’m going to call some guys from the neighborhood to take you in a cellar rape you. And when they are done I will come engrave Moha La Squale on your back”, Moha La Squale would have told him. On his body, the violence of his companion begins to be seen: “I couldn’t go to work because I was destroyed”. For fear of reprisals, like many women under the influence of their partner, Luna had not dared to file a complaint at the time, in 2016. Today, she no longer wishes to address the sexual assault of which she was. victim, and which she has already spoken to the police.

Death threats and “love” songs

For her part, Ana began her affair with Moha La Squale while he was still in a relationship with Luna. The rapper strongly advised him to wait for him in his apartment, whole days without going out, so that their story is not discovered by the paparazzi. Ana was not physically assaulted, but was subjected to insults and unhealthy surveillance. “He constantly ‘puts the pressure’ on, demanding to know every hour of the hour where she is, with whom, why. Pretexting jokes, ‘he told me that I was his slave, his sex object’. These episodes of violence alternate with requests for ‘taste buds’, ‘hugs’. ” Today, Ana has distanced herself from Moha La Squale, but has suffered severe attacks of tetany in which she sometimes hits herself.

Andrea, who met Moha La Squale in the summer of 2019, remembers her daily “humiliations”. She notably lived the period of confinement with the rapper. And she too received death threats : “You think you’re going to kill my life, little bitch, I’m going to smoke you, I’m going to smoke you”, he would have launched. April 14, Andrea says Mohamed Bellahmed kidnapped her : he locked her up in his house and prevented her from going out. “He said to me: ‘The only time you will leave my house, it will be to go into custody and get fucked by tramps, that will make me hard,” says the young woman. Stories more chilling than each other, and all the more so when we know that Moha La Squale wrote a song for each of these three ruptures. Luna, Benita (for Ana) and a never-before-released composition dedicated to Andrea. Titles that have been controversial since the opening of the investigation, because considered love songs by young teenage fans of the rapper. Moha La Squale, meanwhile, has not spoken publicly since his questioning.

Romeo Elvis, Angela’s brother, also implicated

Their story quickly made the rounds on social networks, going as far as the creation of the new hashtag #BalanceTonRappeur. Thus, many other young women have freed their word and revealed the assaults to which they were victims. In addition, another French rapper is implicated: it is Roméo Elvis. And if his name is now on everyone’s lips, it is mainly because he is the brother of singer Angèle. The latter is particularly known for her commitment to the feminist cause. An element that triggered a big controversy on the networks: some Internet users accusing the young artist of being responsible for the reprehensible acts of her brother. To date, no complaint has been filed against the rapper.

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